Aug 122014

10day struggle in Skouries…

Camping at the mountain, Megali Panagia, Chalcidice

Friday 22 to Sunday 31 August

…against the paranoia and the destructive frenzy of the state, corporations and speculators

…the feast of arbitrary actions must end here…

Unless we do something today, there will be no tomorrow!



From the rampages and enclosures dictated by growth to the path of de-growth and “commons”

  • Sat 23: State and private enclosure of the commons (water, land, coasts)
  • Sun 24: Mega projects, mega crimes: growth that spells disaster
  • Mon 25: The fraud of “green” development and the prospect of de-growth/localisation
  • Tue 26: The prospect of the “Commons”: how to regain and jointly manage common resources through establishing communities


  • Thu 28: Activist action against the industry of disaster and the apparatus of persecutions
  • Fri 29: Type C Prisons: movements as criminal organisations

Sat 30: Local self-administration: institutional roles or direct democracy?


Wed 27: State of Tension / Million Hollers / Home “n” dry / Rabiosa / Grover /Mitič Threesome / Kako Synapantima / Dinos Sadikis

Thu 28: Side Step Quartet / Nigredo / B.D. Foxmoor Dj set (Active Member) / Distorted Figures / Baildsa  /  Chinese Basement / Sugar Factory /Biomass



Groups against gold mining in Bulgaria, (FY) Republic of Macedonia and Greece (Chalcidice, Kilkis, Thrace, Serres, Kavala) / Movement against the airport in Nantes– ZAD (France) / NOTAV Movement against high velocity trains / Initiative by the inhabitants of Agios Nikolaos against the privatisation of land (coasts) / Issos [in Greek may be] it is not too late (Citizen Movement against the sell-off of Issos, Corfu) / Movements against the diversion of rivers (Aoos, Acheloos) / Open citizens’ assembly for water (Thessalonica) / Pelion and Volos Citizens Movement for water / Inhabitants from Aravissos, Pella (struggle for water)  / Gunpowder Anarchist group (wind turbines in Vermio) / Inhabitants of Western Macedonia (Kozani lignite mines) / Inhabitants of Fokis (boxite mines) / Initiative of understanding for the management of waste / Inhabitants of Leukimmi, Corfu (struggle against Waste Disposal Plants) / Solidarity Fund for prosecuted and imprisoned fighters / Initiative for Resistance and Solidarity (Athens)

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Committees of struggle in Chalcidice and Thessalonica against gold mining


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